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Hot Air Balloon Ride Pricing & Reservations

Balloon Ride Reservations - Although it may be possible to accommodate next day flight requests, it is highly recommended to make reservations as far in advance as possible. During good weather seasons some dates do book up early. We will take reservations over the phone or by e-mail. We require a $50 non-refundable deposit/administration fee to make a reservation. More information... 

Hot Air Balloon Rides* (Why do we ask about your weight and health? The number of passengers is actually limited by the total combined weight of all of the passengers and the temperature at flight time, not just the number of persons that can fit into the basket. We also will need to know about the health of each passenger. In other words,... please be honest when we ask. It is for your well being.)

Simple pricing with no pesky surcharges.

person - $375

Two persons - $475

Three persons - $600

Four persons - $700

  Only $525 for a guaranteed private flight for 2!

Gift Certificates are available same day by e-mail!
Gift Certificate Example & Gift Certificate Limitations

Flights from your location are available! Ask about the details. Flights from locations outside of the Franklin County area will incur additional charges for mileage & travel.

Tipping - Feel free to tip your pilot. Our pilots & flight crew work very hard to make your experience as unique & enjoyable as possible. Though tipping is not required, it is very much appreciated. We use tips to reward our hard working crew with extra special meals that they very much appreciate.

Beware! National balloon ride selling companies are not what they present themselves to be.

Pricing & Refund Policy/Limitations - We will hold the reservation for a week until you can send a check, or pay by VISA / MasterCard / Discover American Express. We require at least a $50 non-refundable deposit/administration fee to hold a reservation. The $50 deposit/administration fee is non-refundable. More information...

Don't forget to read, sign and bring both the Hot Air Balloon Ride Boarding Pass Hot Air Balloon Passenger Agreement to the flight location!

Tethered Balloon Ride Reservations - We require a $100 non-refundable deposit/administration fee to make a tethered balloon ride reservation. Detailed information...

Tethered Balloon Ride Pricing 
- $750 an hour * (2 hour minimum)

Tethered Balloon Ride Limitations - More information...

* Flight / Tether Limitations
- Due to the nature of fuel costs, pricing is subject to change at any time until the flight or tethered flight is paid in full for that flight year. If the flight or tethered flight has to be postponed for any reason to the next flight year (After September of each year.) the cost may increase. The number of passengers is limited by total combined weight of the passengers and the temperature at flight time. More and printable information...

More Questions or Reservations?
All information and pricing subject to change without notice!

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