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Hot Air Balloon Ride Information

When can I fly?
We fly year-round, weather permitting. Hot-air balloons fly within 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset. Winds are mostly at their calmest during these times.    

How long will the flight be?
Most hot-air balloon rides last more than an hour. We try to provide rides of at least an hour. Factors which control the length of flight time include clear landing zones, weather, and obstacles ahead.  Be sure to allow at least 3 hours for the entire experience.

Where will we fly from?
We can fly almost anywhere. It is necessary to stay 5 miles from any major airport and we must have a clear landing zone. We will not fly passengers over the City of Columbus. Some frequently used launch site areas are near: Bolton Field, Dublin, Plain City, Pickerington, and Polaris. We are happy to try and accommodate any special launch locations. Just ask!

How high will we fly?
Most hot-air balloons fly from tree-top level to 1500' above the ground. Passengers can see things on the ground much better and are more comfortable at lower altitudes. There are minimum safe altitude standards which we follow.

How do we get back to our car?
A balloon chase/ground crew will follow us on our flight. After landing we will pack up the equipment and drive back to our meet location.

How many can fly together?
We normally fly 2 passengers and 1 pilot. On cool mornings we may fly up to 4 passengers plus the pilot. All of this depends on the weight/age of the passengers and flight conditions.  We are happy to work out flights for larger groups using multiple balloons.

Is there an age limit?
For standard flights we prefer that children be at least 12 years old. Beyond safety concerns, we have found that children quickly become bored and restless with the slow pace and serenity of a hot-air balloon flight. For tethered flights at special events we will fly much younger children. For younger passengers we recommend a tethered balloon ride.

How far will we go?
We fly as far as the wind will take us. We fly only when the winds are under 8 mph. When the winds are any faster landings can be a little too bumpy.

Can I give a hot-air balloon ride as a gift?
Absolutely! We are happy to provide a gift certificate for special occasions.  Gift certificates are available by e-mail on the same day ordered!  Gift Certificates are good for one year, but can be updated for additional time.

Gift Certificate example & Gift Certificate limitations

We do not accept national balloon ride certificates.  Only local companies and pilots can provide the level of service and value that customers desire. 

Can we fly on a specific date?
We are happy to reserve a specific date for you; but due to weather concerns we cannot guarantee any date. If we cannot fly on the date and time that you reserved, we will try to schedule another date of your choosing.

Should I make a reservation?
 See Reservation information on the "Pricing" page.

How much does a flight cost?
See the "Pricing" page.

Should I tip the pilot?
While not required, some passengers have wanted to thank us with a gratuity. If you feel the urge to do so, all tips are used to feed the "ravenous" appetites of our intrepid and valuable crew members who help us get off the ground, land, pack-up, and take us back to where the flight started. Your tip is always appreciated!

Don't forget to read, sign and bring both the Boarding Pass and Hot Air Balloon Passenger Agreement to the flight location!

More Questions or Reservations?

All information and pricing subject to change without notice!

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