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Real Adventure, Inc. was started by Tim Hampton in October, 1987. The Hampton's have been committed to provide accurate outdoor adventure & gear information, instruction, marketing, guide, and balloon flight services since that time. The entire family has been actively involved in all aspects of the business.

Tim, Justin and Sam have been active in the Central Ohio hot air balloon community since the mid-80's. Tim Hampton has been a lead outdoor pursuits instructor at the Ohio State University, College of Education and Human Ecology, Sports, Fitness and Health Program, Outdoor Pursuits Courses, since 1988. We have been flying our own balloon since November, 1999. Tim is also currently one of the RE/MAX hot-air balloon pilots in the Central Ohio territory. Megan has worked as a professional whitewater raft guide for Rivermen Whitewater in West Virginia.

Important Facts

  • All of our pilots hold a current FAA Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot Certificate.

  • The balloon(s) we use are insured and are annually inspected to meet the airworthiness standards prescribed by the manufacturer and the F.A.A..

People you might see!

Tim Hampton (Chief Balloon Pilot, Outdoor Instructor), Sam Hampton, Justin Hampton, Wes & Megan Strickler

Crew List - Past & Present 
Jeanette Able, Eli Abrams, Chris Adamski,
John Addis, Harry, Nick & Kara Alexander, Andy Anderson,  Jake Anderson, Kyla Anderson, Leslie Anderson, Nick Anderson, Brent Applebaum, Julie Belanger, Jessa Belser, Meredith Bennett, Chris Blunk, Eric Bolin, Chadwick Boval, Tommy Brandt, Gary Brehm, Eric Bright, Pete Bunnell, Tim Callahan, Roxanna Capper, Nicole Charbonneau, Kristen Cherry, Matt & Rikke Cochran, Crystal Colflesh, Christina Cornell, Lauren Corrigan, Stephen Corbett, Jim Cusick, Chris Dahlstrom, Rodney Dinkins, Dave Eastman, Vannesa Ewing, John Faul, Gary Felkins, Jim Ferriman, John & Cindy Fisher, Ben Folkerth, Denise Fong, Lisa Ford, Chris & Joe Francia, Jessica Franklin, David Gingerich, Joseph Gingerich, Todd Graham, Kent & Dan Green, Megan Greene, Yoonhee Ha, Sari Hardyal, Eric Hueve, Marv Huhn, Antonio Jara, Phil Johnson, Natalie Kehrwald, Ken & Emma Kirk, Niranjan Konda, Lisa Krauss, Cynthia Kulbago, Aschli Kurzhals, Amanda LaMaster, Keith Larsen, Mike & June Latham, Will Leffler, Ethan List, Brooke Lowrie, Jocelyn Maul, Roger & Susan Marcum, Paul Marrinan, Tim Marrinan, Randall Mast, Jennifer Matsey, Luke Mayercin, Joe Meisner, Amy Meyer, Matt Misicka, Nassar Mohammad, Ethan Molnar, Sara Muirhead-Gould, Melissa Niese, Steve Nozaki, Kati Peck, Robin Peterfy, Deidrie Pierce, Ken Place, Gary, Christy, Zachary, & Faith Ramin, Carl & Patsy Rankin, Susan Redmond, Dave Roasa, Clark Roman, Courtney Ross, Justin Rowell, Christoph Schmutte, Kevin Schoenecker, Joy Scott, Dana Scurlock, Marcus Sczesny, Adam Shea, Mei-Ling Shotts, Emily Smart, Brad Smith, Bruce Smith, Terry Smith, Tim Smith, Dave & Lynn Staats, Matt Stalsworth, Scott, Chris, & Jeromy Tanis, Nick Terrible, Larry & Teresa Thomas, Justin "JT" Thompson, Rob Tickle, Paul Tyng, Nick Tobergte, Lewis Vanlandingham, Scott Volzer, Rich Wakefield, Emily Walz, John Walker, Johnny & Julia Warren, Chris Weiss, John Williamson, John Wolfinger, Dustin Worthington, Ed Wright, Marilyn Yeamans, and countless others (other balloon's crew, friendly land owners, onlookers, etc...) that lend a hand during launch, landing, and pack-up.

We have been greatly blessed by our dedicated volunteer balloon crew and trip assistants. They make each flight and activity happen in a safe and professional manner. We could not do it without them.

Do you have pictures from our events? We are always looking for ballooning pictures of yourself or others during a flight or while crewing!

We are always looking for additional crew. If you would like to be on our hot air balloon crew please feel free to contact us.

What Others Think

OSU Lantern article (April 5, 2004)

"A teacher and his anecdotes, Professor of the outdoors tells tales gathered from a lifetime of adventures"

OSU Alumni Magazine article (September, 2003)
Cover, page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4

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